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Public Safety

To create a prosperous state, we must have a competitive tax environment with sensible regulations. Unfortunately, Illinois falls short in both categories. Endless tax increases hurt working families, and mandates force our family-owned shops and restaurants that drive job creation to close while national chains remain open. We must support taxpayers by keeping tax rates low and promoting policies that allow all businesses to flourish.

Raising taxes does not equate to a better education for our students. Unfortunately, politics has taken priority over improving educational standards in Illinois. Students deserve every opportunity to succeed, and they must be equipped with the skills they need to prepare them to become tomorrow’s leaders. To accomplish this, schools must remain open, and parents must be given a voice in their children’s curriculum. Illinois is facing a teacher shortage that is expected to worsen over the next few years, and we need to ensure our children have high-quality teachers in their classrooms and that their educators are provided with the tools necessary to facilitate success in the classroom. 

An effective government provides the resources communities need to stay safe. However, Chicago politicians have pushed statewide bail reform, which loosens provisions to keep criminals off the streets and handcuffs law enforcement and first responders, keeping them from performing their jobs effectively. With crime rates rising across the state and Chicago’s crime wave expanding to the suburbs, we must be committed to providing the law enforcement community the training and resources necessary to ensure our neighborhoods continue to be the safest places to operate a business and raise a family.


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